62-year-old Kim Basinger said, who forced her to star in the sequel to “50 shades of grey”

62-летняя Ким Бейсингер рассказала, кто заставил ее сниматься в сиквеле «50 оттенков серого»

Casting Actresses for the role of Elena Lincoln – the friend of the protagonist in the erotic trilogy “50 shades of grey” was enough difficult and complicated. Sorting through hundreds of nominations, the filmmakers came to the conclusion that better than others with this role to manage the actress who to frankness and extravagance on the screen are not used to.

For the role of seductress was approved by the 62-year-old actress Kim Basinger.

In an interview with the Edit she told me who got her to agree to star in the erotic franchise.

“I am sure that many people associate me with “Fifty shades of grey” due to the fact that I starred in the film “9 and a half weeks.” But the only reason I agreed to be the former girlfriend of Christian grey Elena Lincoln, ” on this very insisted my daughter. She read books and told me: “Mom, you have to do it, your character is a very strong woman.” At first I thought: “No, it’s not for me”. But later realized that this character is a very bright personality, she showed Christian the new world and taught him everything. Elena is a woman who very early felt its power. And I don’t have to read books to understand it, I can feel it”, explained Kim.

Note that now shooting the second part “shades of…” — “fifty shades darker” continues.

Film premiere is planned for early 2017.