9-year-old daughter of Alexander Abdulov in films

9-летняя дочь Александра Абдулова снимается в кино
The girl got a major role.

Eugene Abdulov with mom


9-year-old daughter of Eugene Alexander Abdulov in films: the girl will play a major role in the film Alla Surikova. The shooting of the film called “Love and sax” has started in Moscow. Surikov, the author of the idea of children’s comic newsreel “jumble”.

The picture tells the story of the novel musicians: saxophonist and harpist who plays Maxim Averin and Ekaterina Klimova. It is known that will appear on the screen, Larisa Dolina, Mikhail Efremov, Olga Kabo, Leonid Yarmolnik and Alexander F. Sklyar.

Hello? and we have great news) started filming a full-length ,feature film by Alla Ilyinichna Surikova? Will Anna ardovs , Maxim Averin, Olga Prokofiev, Leonid Yarmolnik, Larissa the Valley , Olga Kabo to work for YOU with joy ??? Jam Studio

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However, for the Genis Abdulovo this acting job will not be the first: 5
years she made her debut on the stage native theater father “Lenkom”, playing
the play “the Royal game”.

We will remind that Alexander Abdulov did not in 2008: the actor died at age 54 from lung cancer.

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