Zoya Berber spoke about the second pregnancy

Зоя Бербер рассказала о второй беременности
The star of “Real boys” shared their personal plans.

Зоя Бербер рассказала о второй беременности

Zoya Berber

Photo: TNT

Actress Zoya Berber is not surprising when the events in
the TV series “Real boys” on TNT, are transferred to her real

After her character Leroy by Oborin, Zoe also found their own happiness,
some time later she, too, baby. In the new season
“Real boys” her character will be planning a second child, but Zoe
not thrilled with the idea that
serial events can again be reflected in reality.

Zoya Berber

“I don’t believe the prophecies, especially that in the series I have a boy
Misha, and life — Nadia girl — says Zoya. — Of course, to be
mom — a great happiness, incomparable with anything else. However,
to focus only on the role of
mom I would not, therefore, immediately after the birth of my daughter I became
to obtain new suggestions. And now, when I again became quite
popular in the profession, I would not want to take another pause
even associated with such a happy event as
the birth of a child. All I need now is more work.”

In the new season of “Real boys” Lera will make your husband
to live not only for the staffing of the Deputy, but also on schedule
ovulation. As soon as will advance the “Day X”, nick will throw your
public concern and the race
we have home, or at any other suitable important things
place. Thus, in the new season, nick is torn between
family, service and re-education of the young Gopnik Garik, who
Deputy Naumov will give bail.