Зоуи Салдана страдает от редкого опасного заболевания

Star ribbon “Avatar” actress Zoe Saldana has made a sensational statement to the newspaper The Edit: the 38-year-old actress suffers from a rare autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland – thyroiditis, symptoms of which are permanent feeling of fatigue and muscle pain.

“My body lacks the energy to filter toxins, and the immune system is activated as if fighting the infection, because I often suffer from all sorts of inflammatory processes, antibodies attack the thyroid gland.. I, like everyone who suffers from this autoimmune disease, it is necessary to carefully monitor the food” — said Saldana.
Zoe has long held a gluten-free diet, excluded from the diet dairy products (by the way, Saldana husband, artist Marco Perego in a sign of solidarity did the same). The actress admits that the disease was transmitted from her mother and that from her mom. Before the diagnosis, which she received a few years ago, she was sure that the trouble will pass, but unfortunately, this did not happen.
“I was doing great, I felt great about the disease, only heard from grandma and mom. And suddenly the doctor told me that my body desperately needs calcium because it is delayed. Disappointing diagnosis to me put quickly,” — said zoey.
Saldana also said that the need to control food is not for her because she used to do it. By the way, after the birth of twin sons Zoe weighed more than 80 kg, but relatively quickly returned to their normal form. She was so excited that he climbed into his costume from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, I happily told its subscribers in the social network.

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