Жанна Фриске о себе, о жизни, о любви
Quotes from exclusive interviews of different years — the living memory of the star that so early left this world.

Жанна Фриске о себе, о жизни, о любви

“If I don’t get tired from your own image? No… I like me, and then it’s my memory…”

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Zhanna Friske was not too fond of open press. But with editions of “7 days”, “Caravan of stories” and “Collection. Caravan of stories” she was a friend. Candor, trust — Yes, perhaps it could be called friendship.
On the anniversary of her death 7days.ru remembers interviews that Jeanne in different years gave to journalists of our publications. Separate the few important quotes that give a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of this amazing woman that was loved not for their beauty or artistic talent, but simply for what she was. Who, after all, could tell of Joan better than she is.

About yourself

“Yelling at me is useless — just become isolated. I need
calmly explain”.

“If I don’t get tired from your own image? Oh no… I
like myself, and then — this is my memory: here are pictures with the girls from
“Brilliant”, with dad, with grandma…”

“Libertarians have never been taught. While life on the head not
knock — one, two, three, yet does not make a good cry from
the consequences of their own stupidity — the mind does not reach”.

“Integrity is a very rare quality today. Someone reaches
it hard yoga, meditation. I was helped by a strong psychological
stress and unbearable conditions of existence.”

“Loneliness I was never scared, maybe because
I’m a Cancer”.

“I’m a very intuitive person intuition is the voice that
it comes from the heart. He never lies. But it can be heard only if
you are in a calm state. When you’re nervous or lax, even to listen
currently not able. And when you calm down, to establish all systems in the body
learn to treat it with respect, then he will appear”.

“I realized that no
differ from millions of other girls. I have two legs, two hands, heart and
blue eyes. I just have another job. And maybe if it wasn’t for her, I
would have been much happier.

About the relationship

“What girl would not want
like the good guy? And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if all

“My friends were tortured
tips: “Look do not miss such a man!” I calm: “don’t worry! With
men I can and know how to communicate.”

“I’m possessive. Man should become a part of me and if
suddenly someone will meet me this part of the tear, it hurts, I know it.
Passed. Again I do not want”

“Never in my life no one will give just that! Even
if you gave a car, you this car already have something.
Attention, lunch, dinner. You put on a hook! It does not happen.
Will definitely be a reckoning, and it’s not always the bed.”

About marriage

“In America, I don’t get the question: “when
are you getting married?” The mentality is that if they have such. In America, women are
very late family create. And have often only after forty. Thirty
five then there’s a chick going”.

never make long-term plans to operate intuitively. The main thing that I and
my family was healthy, and all the rest of the deal. I am not afraid
the absence of a stamp in the passport on the page about the family situation.”

“Marriage, marriage is great and all, but the birth
young children somehow especially strongly excites me. Maternal instinct
every year more and more. I want a baby, and he will be born in marriage or not —
it does not matter”.

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  • Жанна Фриске о себе, о жизни, о любви
    Zhanna Friske


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