Культурный шок: участница проекта «Дом-2» перепутала Достоевского и Гоголя
Ruslan Mishin doesn’t know who wrote “Crime and punishment”.

Культурный шок: участница проекта «Дом-2» перепутала Достоевского и Гоголя

Ruslan Mishin

Photo: dom2.ru

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

After the next edition of the reality show “Dom-2” on Tuesday there’s a new reason to sneer at the level of education of the stars project. More precisely, one of its participants — Ruslana Mishina. The camera captured an interesting conversation with Ruslana and her boyfriend — Seeds Frolov. The girl told the man that she loved the story about the lady that was murdered with an axe. “It was very interesting! — said Mishin. — Sometimes creepy, but nothing edible! I really liked it!”

However, the 24-year-old project participant failed to answer the question, who wrote the book, the story of which she relates. “Bulgakov wrote? asked Ruslan Seeds and seeing the amazement on the face of his 36-year-old companion, was taken aback. — No?! How not? Why not? (from the shock she even switched to English). Then who? Gogol? No? Well I remember it all creativity is “touched”, he himself was “touched”…”

Simon still didn’t have to mock the girl and told her my secret, that “Crime and punishment” written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. “Yes, okay?! — surprised Ruslana from the city of Seversk, sitting in the gazebo in the Seychelles, where the shooting of the project. “You’re lying, this can’t be Dostoyevsky. I’ll take it!” (And she decided to “Google” information).

Then laughing Simon decided to ask Ruslana, what else she knows writers.”I know different last names, but I do not remember which of them wrote, — I tried to justify girl. — Well, Bulgakov wrote it?” Simon not long pondered an answer: “the Most famous novel “Master and Margarita”. But even this absolute right answer has caused doubts among Ruslana, who decided to rewrite the history of Russian literature. “Though you burst, but it seems to me that no…” laughed the participant “Houses-2”.

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