Жанна Бадоева пережила болезненный развод
The presenter gave an example of indecisive girls.

Zhanna badoeva and Basil Melnichen

Photo: @zhanna_badoeva Instagram Jeanne Badoeva

Zhanna badoeva shared personal experience and the complicated issue called “divorce”. Before the wedding with businessman Vasily by Melnichny, Jeanne was married twice. An ideal husband stars travel show “heads or tails” became the famous clipmaker Alan Badoev. Married with him at Jeanne’s daughter Lolita. After living together for almost ten years, Joan and Alan broke off a romantic relationship, but remained good friends.

After analyzing my decisions about the divorce, Jeanne is not a bit sorry. Moreover, now she would under any pretext would not give consent to the resumption of relations with someone from the past. Badoev is sure: if the divorce is firmly rooted in the mind, to postpone, to wait and “drag” not worth it. Even if the hands of small child or there are issues with financial independence, you still need to break out of a painful relationship and move on.

“I wanted to say, as someone who has experienced two times of divorce, do not be afraid! My example and I know many of their friends and acquaintances, who today are thankful to the divorce! Because they (and I) opened, inspired, not giving up, winded, gritted my teeth and lived a new , productive life! And if someone of us is now invited to go back to the relationship I (and definitely my girlfriend) would never agree! Though, of course, was scared and did not know where to go and what to do. And without a job, without money, without an apartment, with kids… it’s not as scary as it seems! I just write for those who now also is in the process of divorce and thinks that their life is over… fear not! You are on the threshold of a new, and what will have to be tested… well, that’s life! Nobody said it would be easy! But if you have a brain, health, you have nothing to fear! You can do it. Life is beautiful! And thanks to all of my divorce, I became beautiful because of them (approx.ed. — spelling and punctuation of the author saved)”, — said Jeanne.

Recall that with current husband — Vasily Badoev got married in 2014, but lavish ceremony in Sardinia the couple spent only a year later. Surprisingly, the organization of the wedding I trusted my ex-husband Director Alan.