The ex-soloist of group “Cream” scandal at the airport

Экс-солистка группы «Сливки» устроила скандал в аэропорту
Tina got in a fight with employees of the border service.

Karina Koks

Photo: @kartikidd Instagram

Tina spoke about the case which could lead it to extremely unpleasant consequences. As it turned out, the ex-soloist of the group “VIA Cream” in the center of the scandal that unfolded in the capital’s airport.

Arriving from vacation, the singer has presented to workers of border services passport, which, inadvertently, had invested five euros. “Accused me of bribery, finding a lost chance 5 euros in my passport. Spoke to me in a very high voice, absolutely not embarrassed by the fact that I had a child and another one with his mouth open, stood next. Threatened to sue…” — said Cox.

Fortunately for Karina, this story ended well, however, her vacation was ruined irreparably. “I strictly said that even if I was guilty of something, scream at me, they are not eligible, even suggested that we are approaching a new moon women’s emotion these days are inadequate, absolutely nothing to project onto me their dissatisfaction with their chosen work and life in General.

Advised (from the heart of course) to clean the liver once a year, just in case. Pogranichniy of course froze… And caused the elder, without hesitation, I drew this myself “older”, with all the charms of menopausal age, but (what luck) it was a man on the Moon, apparently not affected, he calmly gave me the documents and left. Children I explained that my aunt tired and want to handle so scream and another important thing that you should never give in insult!” summed up Karina.

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