Зара спела вместе с Миррей Матье
French singer called Russian star great professional with a great vocal.

Zara and Mireille Mathieu

Yesterday in the middle of the day
The red square, where the rehearsal of the festival “Spasskaya tower”,
you could hear the words of the famous song “Padam…Padam…” edit
Piaf performed by another French singer Mireille Mathieu. However, the voice Mathieu,
Muse of the festival, was not one: along with her hit was performed by Russian singer Zara.

“I think I
familiar with Mirelle life — shared with 7days.ru Zara. I grew up on it
the songs and wanted to sing like her. And today my dream came true: I not only stand
next to this great artist, but also sing a duet with her. It is so easy to
fellowship, be happy to share all your music, professional
secrets! This is incredible! And very worth it”.

Mireille Mathieu is also very
spoke about the Russian singer. “I am incredibly glad that we sing
together with the song “Padam…Padam”. — Zara is a great professional, we have
managed to make friends. The first time we talked back in June, and even then it is very
knew this complicated song and wonderfully sang it in French. And yesterday
I heard Zara sings in French the song of Vladimir Vysotsky
“Interrupted flight” a Capella. It was incredible. To sing a duet
not an easy task, I tell you, but besides the fact that Zara is incredibly beautiful, she
just a great voice! So it will be a really beautiful duet.

To hear the Duo of Zara and
Mireille Mathieu will be on the evening of 2 September at the festival “Spasskaya