Сын Майкла Дугласа после тюрьмы вернулся к девушке The beloved 37-year-old Cameron waited for him for seven years. Before he went to jail, she forgave him of betrayal and humiliation. It seems that the son of the famous actor only after his release was able to appreciate his beloved.

      Сын Майкла Дугласа после тюрьмы вернулся к девушке

      In early August, the 37-year-old Cameron Douglas for the first time in a very long time has walked the streets of Manhattan. Prison changed a Scion of the famous acting dynasty – full-bodied glasses has become a serious tattooed man athletic. The habit he acted like a tourist: taking pictures on the background of the entire row, happily chatted with people from the heart were treated to sushi and ice cream.

      Cameron was accompanied by leggy darkie, which the tabloids first dubbed his new girlfriend. However, immediately the question arose: where and when Junior Douglas managed to grab a beauty, if all five weeks after his release under strict supervision?

      Sound of thunder

      It turned out, the Brazilian Vivian Tubes appeared in the life of Cameron long before his arrest. A native of Sao Paulo came to new York to teach yoga, but first she had to work long enough as a waitress. With Cameron she met in one of three night clubs, where he was waiting tables. Unlucky guy’s firmly attracted to the young lady, in spite of questionable moral character, criminal connections and drug addiction.

      “He tried drugs at the age of 13, as applied to a criminal case by a medical certificate. – In 20 years began to use heroin and by the age of 25, I acquired a strong addiction. At the time of his arrest, he was stabbed five or six times a day.”

      One would be enough less courageous girl, to get away from Cameron like the plague. It didn’t work, lowered on drugs is not known which extracted money and legal trouble was only a matter of time. Besides the famous surname Cameron provided a rich selection of bridesmaids, which you can shuffle and combine as they like. Vivian endured the competition, sticking to the shadows and hoped that someday Cameron will assess the strength of her feelings appreciated.

      Holiday disobedience ended in 2009, when police caught Cameron in the room of the new York hotel with large quantities of drugs intended for sale. At first he was placed under house arrest out of respect for the Sedin dad Michael and grandfather Kirk. But was transferred to prison after girlfriend Kelly Scott tried to slip him past the police with heroin in a toothbrush.

      Another lover – lawyer Jennifer reed – on the first date was horrified at the sight of Cameron. The guy was suffering from withdrawal, was covered with sticky sweat and volcanic acne. The next time Jennifer brought him the drugs, hiding them in a bra, and supplied their loved one nearly a year, until she was caught and was fired. It is a violation of said Cameron, who was sentenced to five years for possession and distribution, increase of the period almost doubled.

      Сын Майкла Дугласа после тюрьмы вернулся к девушке

      Up to this point Cameron was afraid to testify against his accomplices. After only cooperate with the investigation could give hope for early release. To protect a witness, he was put in solitary confinement, where he spent almost two years.

      “The legacy system does not recognize addiction is a disease and punishes her harder than violence,” wrote Cameron from solitary. – I’m not saying I don’t deserve to be punished. Just want to remind you that in order to prevent relapse of drug addicts should be treated, and not just lock up and throw away the key”. Friends of Cameron say he would have gone mad if not for Vivian.

      “She deeply loved him for many years, – they say. And Cam gave preference to girls who indulged his passion for what he paid. Besides native alone VIV supported him from beginning to end: had been Dating, wrote, called and even had sex with him on the phone. He was released from prison, knowing that she is waiting and will help him adapt to normal life”.


      Cameron was released two years earlier on the condition that the first free months he will spend in a rehabilitation center in the Bronx. Day Jr., Douglas may, with the permission of the curators to come to the city, but required under the regulations to return to a certain hour and spend the night under the roof of the centre, in a dormitory with other former prisoners.

      Despite the regime, after his release, Cameron has developed a frenzied activity. He posed for pictures for the advertising campaign for clothing label Voyeur, demonstrating in all its glory pumped up in the prison gym muscles. Flew for a day in Los Angeles to go see my mom Deandra. Found work at new York’s film company and is waiting for the first paycheck to enroll in acting classes.

      “He’s very quiet, focused guy,” says Cameron, a waiter from a cafe where every morning he drinks a Cup of weak sweet coffee and a bottle of mineral water before work.

      “Cameron has learnt a lesson,” says his press agent. He understood that time is the most valuable thing a man can have. Regret spent on drug addiction and prison years is meaningless, but it is not going to lose”.

      In the evening, Cameron makes the poems that he wrote in prison, with the intention of in the near future to place them in social networks. Until he posts mostly pictures of the mighty torso decorated with tattoos with images of the faces of his father and grandfather, as well as pictures with Vivian. The patience and dedication of the Brazilian, who scored table service and ends the next training course yoga instructor, has paid off handsomely. One of the common photographs taken on a date in prison, grateful and in love with Cameron signed a “treasure of my life, eternal beauty, heavenly light.”