Юрий Кузнецов рассказал как чуть не убил старушку
The actor admitted that he was on the verge of collapse due to roommate.

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Yuri Kuznetsov lived in Omsk, was playing at the local theater and thought he already had as an actor when he found the second Director Alexis Herman Aristov and offered to star in the film “My friend Ivan Lapshin”. After this role, Kuznetsov started a new life. Shooting went one after the other: “Torpedo”, “Charlotte’s Necklace”, “Prohindiada, or Running on the spot”, “Confrontation”. Then Oleg Basilashvili has vouched for him in front of the main Director of the Petersburg Comedy Theatre. And Kuznetsov immediately was given the role — Vasilkov in the play “Mad money” by Ostrovsky. Then Yuri decided to move to the city on the Neva.

The news about moving to Leningrad, his wife Valentina and daughter Natasha took hard. “In Omsk our way of life was established, there was a wonderful apartment — says Kuznetsov. — And in Leningrad had a year to live in the attic theatre of Comedy. After a year they gave us housing. The apartment was three rooms, but in one of the rooms lived a 70-year-old woman. We said, “Housing perspective”. Meant that when my grandma would go to the other world, the whole apartment will belongs to us. But grandma was strong and, more importantly, malicious, she purposefully poison our life. After a night of filming I early in the morning came home. A dream I had of two hours, nine had to run to the theater for rehearsal. A neighbor at six in the morning turned the radio on full blast. Partitions between rooms cardboard, a classical variant of sadism. The kitchen was shared, there is a stove with four burners. Grandmother managed to take all four at the same time. To do this, she put on the stove a huge pot with water and put to boil a plastic cap. When the water is boiling, she added a new one. We just tried with a neighbor to reconcile, bought her some delicacies, treated, and she defiantly threw them in the toilet. Did not help no amount of diplomacy. Now it’s to remember the fun, and then it seemed a disaster. Wanted to become Raskolnikov. My nerves were on edge, but I held on. Helped work. It was always a lot”.

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