У Анджелины Джоли появился новый мужчина
The actress has already comforted after the break with brad pitt.

У Анджелины Джоли появился новый мужчина

Angelina Jolie


Jared Leto


Until thin, but not a fallen spirit brad pitt comes after
the scandal connected with his divorce, Angelina Jolie, who while still
listed his wife, has already found a replacement. This was announced by the publication
overseas Star Magazine.

According to the publication, the new chosen one 41-year-old Jolie — actor Jared Leto. As
the informant claims to Star Magazine, angelina Jolie and Jared have always had sympathy and
the attraction to each other. They met when Jolie met pitt —
in 1999, when they starred together in the film “girl, Interrupted”. Then they
paths have crossed again and again — on Hollywood parties and on the set of historical
drama by Oliver stone — “Alexander” in 2004. Moreover, as evidenced by their
colleagues, it was impossible not to notice that these two were diggin ‘ on each

Since then, Angelina has become the wife of brad pitt and get
six children, but Jolie and the Summer continued to maintain contact. And when
September 2016 Angelina took the decision to divorce, she asked for
support to his old friend Jared. They started again regularly
to see and, as is often the case, their relationship developed into a romance… although
they are no longer seen together in public, they prefer not to advertise
their relationship.

As for pitt, according to a source at Star Magazine, he already knows
what is happening and not too surprised by this turn of events. He always
suspected that his wife and Jared’s link is much warmer feeling than
just friendship.