Yuri Yakovlev first found in the crazy house

Юрия Яковлева Пырьев отыскал в сумасшедшем доме
This story was told by the Director himself.

Yuri Yakovlev in the film “Idiot”. 1951

Photo: Mosfilm-Info

The role of Prince Myshkin in “the idiot” Director Ivan pyreva glorified by Yuri Yakovlev. But the shooting was not easy. This became known from the notes of writer and broadcaster Gleb Skorokhodov, which are published for the first time.

“Yuri recalled that in the period of preparation for the role, he began to feel a rather strange sensation. Sometimes I caught myself
that walks down the street and muttering the text, people are frightened, move on
the other side… what can I say, Yakovlev so got used to this role that the Director of the film even boasted: “you Know what they say about my Myshkin? I found him in the house
insane! He is crazy, so play!” He was
these rumors are very happy. And Purevu believed, because Yakovlev looked very authentic. By the way, “Idiot” was supposed to be a four-part, that is the first Russian
series. But it didn’t work. It was rumored that none of the artists were not
agree to continue to work on the film too hard.”

However, the
what was filmed was a huge success. “It was then in the Vakhtangov Theatre began to go specially to Yakovlev recalled Gleb Skorokhodov. The film bought a lot of countries, because of what Yuri had been even in Hollywood. Trains in foreign countries, he acquired a gloss, have learned how to use a cane and a hat, it is beautiful to enjoy a cognac at the bar… About returning Yakovlev began to walk the mystical rumors. For example, that he is in some secret society of influential people, created in the USSR.

But the reality was more modest. The royalties from “the Idiot” Yakovlev bought his “Dinghy”, that is, the car “Moskvich-402”. But driving, something he could not. So the car had to be temporarily put in the yard to the other, actor Vladimir Samoilov, that with her something not unscrewed. In the end, the “Moskvich” spontaneously turned into a men’s bar. Not so easy for the gentlemen in those years was to find “the school” in Moscow, if they came hunting to have a drink at two in the morning. And the interior of the vehicle for this is perfect!..”

Fully notes by Gleb Skorokhodov about Yuri Yakovlev read here.