Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью In the fall of 2012 came the latest issues of “Town”. In early November, one of the authors of the program Ilya Oleynikov died of cancer, after which the entire staff of the transmission stopped working. Friend and fellow artist, Yuri Stoyanov still can not accept the loss of a comrade.
Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью

Yuri Stoyanov became the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The comedian first told how he destroyed his first family, and after the divorce the ex-wife of the actor forbade him to meet with two children. Stoyanov also frankly told how resigned to death’s best friend – Ilya Lvovich Oleynikov.

For the first time Yuri got married at 19. In this Union the artist were born two children. As recognized humorist, he soon filed for divorce, and his wife in retaliation banned him and his family to see his sons. Stoyanov decided on a talk-show not tell the details of family drama.

As admitted Yuri, for a long time he played in the theater only episodes, sometimes even without words. A career in television did not even think. But a landmark meeting with Ilya Oleynikov has changed the lives of both artists.

Famous actors born on the same day, but with a difference in 10 years. Yuri said that it was Ilya L. had taught him many things – both career and personal life. Often Oleynikov covered friend before lovers, and hid his cheating, he always defended and, according to Stoyanov, was a real brother.

“He said, “If you have someone to love, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to greet her”. Happy I made my partner, who taught me to believe in myself, he taught me how to earn money and consider yourself a professional, able to provide for his family,” said Stoyanov.

Stoyanov told, he learned that his friend was terminally ill. According to the memoirs of actor, partner played to the last in “the Town”, not tearing any day.

Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью“The world we played a lot, the whole country has traveled. We had a skit where he played the lover, and I run away. And it is very loud had me out of the closet to shout. I told him: “Well, can you shout?!” But he couldn’t… well, Then his voice gradually began to grow dim, and when they did a CT scan, it became clear that the swelling pinched a nerve with bundles. Then he started to treat inoperable methods. He took it terribly. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After they had begun experiencing hiccups. I was asked to play him hiccuping, and he replied: “Jura, it’s awful.” He was dizzy, he was sick, but he didn’t pick any of the shooting day,” said Stoyanov.
Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью

The actor admitted that when he died his friend, he was on the road. On the death of Oleynikov he said son Ilya Lvovich Klyaver Denis. “He went to the hospital, the doctors began to treat his pneumonia. Said, “We pick up the antibiotics for two days nothing will happen”. I flew away, and then said: “Go”. At 6 a.m. got a telegram from David: “Dad died”, – said Stoyanov.

Yuri remembered the moment when he was saying goodbye to Ilya Lvovich, the traffic police blocked the Avenue for the funeral procession. “I was shocked, these guys… They all stood and saluted when the motorcade was moving,” said Yuri.

Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью

In the program, the comedian admitted that he is now paying for all their sins. Stoyanov recalled that became a father again at the age of 46, the third wife of the actor Elena bore him the long-awaited daughter Catherine. Yuri shared that cares for the youngest heir.

Юрий Стоянов рассказал, как Олейников страдал перед смертью“She’s a beautiful girl, but she’s my character. And I remember how only 40 years took place. And then come some bastard and say, “Love your daughter”. From the shotgun! And – in the forehead! Because I remember myself in my youth. This is a tragedy all the old fathers,” said Stoyanov.