Yuri Nikolaev shared his secret to a long marriage

Юрий Николаев поделился секретом долгого брака
Famous TV host Yuri Nikolaev more than 40 years happily married to his wife Eleanor.

Юрий Николаев поделился секретом долгого брака

Recently, TV presenter gave an interview and openly answered questions. During the conversation, we were talking about marriage, Yuri Nikolaev, and he shared the secret of such a long relationship.

“I am sometimes asked: are we in 40 years, never wanted to divorce. To which I invariably replied: “Divorce – no, but to kill the idea!” It’s an old joke, but, I think, very accurate. Life happens, but based on forgiveness and understanding,” – says the man.

The couple continue to make each other surprises, even after 40 years of marriage, still their family is a role model for many.

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