Yuri Loza wished Sergey Lazarev “miserably off”

Юрий Лоза пожелал Сергею Лазареву «с треском вылететь»

As we approach the start of the musical contest “Eurovision” which will take place in Stockholm in the coming days, every little bit famous people expressed about their likes and dislikes. So the musician Yuri Loza, known for his only hit “the Raft” and controversial comments, has wished his compatriot Sergey Lazarev, who, incidentally, predicting a first place, “to take off with a Bang”.

Юрий Лоза пожелал Сергею Лазареву «с треском вылететь»
Yuri is not in awe of the fact that Russia will have to organize the Eurovision song contest in 2017, if Lazarev will take first place. In an interview with “TV” Loza said
“I want him to lose! To take off with a Bang, so as not to drag the Eurovision song contest in Russia. We’ve just had enough! When I watched it, I oplevelse all..” said Yuri. In addition, the Vine believes Lazareva enough Russian to represent Russia.

“It is Russian and there is nothing, except the names. Music songs the Swedes have written the text – the English, will sing in English.. For whom this competition? For the Irish housewife? We don’t need him at all,” said Yuri.
Recall that the international musical competition “Eurovision” will start tomorrow in Stockholm.

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