Юрий Лоза вступился за Led Zeppelin, которых раньше критиковал

A couple of weeks ago declared the silent treatment to representatives of mass media Yury Loza again, so to speak, in fact.

Previously speaking about the incompetence of their foreign colleagues and on the insignificance of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space, the Vine decided to comment on the prosecution group Led Zeppelin of plagiarism.

According to Yuri, the Statute of limitations of that trial expired many years ago, because the trial started yesterday in Los Angeles, is absurd.

“People don’t see these Parallels, and now saw. There is some awkwardness. Too much time has passed, to bring such cases. After a certain period lawsuits are served,” said the singer.

Singer of the hit “the Raft” I am confident that in the modern world to create a wholly original song impossible, because many authors and artists get their ideas from each other: “How come someone in the head ideas? We don’t know if you heard it once or heard. It is impossible to understand the work ever-so-happening – says the musician. — Whenever I write something, ask first at home, if they’ve heard it before. Each Creator can’t be completely sure that what he invented he was not inspired by someone.”

Note that Led Zeppelin is among criticized by Vine.

Yuri said that 80% of what has ever been sung by Led Zeppelin, “unable to listen”, as their songs badly played and sung.

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