Брат Джанет Джексон рассказал о ее беременности

The younger sister of the king of the pop scene, Michael Jackson, Janet 50 years for the first time will become a mother. The singer has postponed its tour to prepare for this important and significant event that will happen in the near future.

Despite the universal joy, fans of the still unknown details of how the firstborn son Jackson was born. Today, another older brother of the actress commented on the upcoming replenishment.

Tito Jackson immediately denied the rumors that the child bears the surrogate mother. Janet personally is in an interesting position and, according to the man, feeling better than ever.

“She’s doing great. She is easily given. It even the tour was canceled to preserve their health,” says Jackson.

62-year-old Tito notes that the sex of the baby is unknown yet, but the whole family hopes to birth a healthy baby. By the way, all hope that Janet would give birth to a girl, because “boys Jackson is already too much.”


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