Yuri Loza dissatisfied with the skills of Timur Kizâkova

Юрий Лоза недоволен профессиональными навыками Тимура Кизякова The musician doubts the talent of the presenter. Yuri Loza believes that the work of Timur Kizâkova is no big deal. In his opinion, the First channel, nothing lost when it ceased to collaborate with the company involved in the filming of the program “While all houses”.
Юрий Лоза недоволен профессиональными навыками Тимура Кизякова

The star of the 80’s Yuri Loza is famous for its scathing remarks against colleagues in show business. He does not mince words and says what he thinks is right.

Last month it became known about changes in the etheric grid of the First channel. The audience will not see in usual time, the program “While all houses”. Now the transfer just changed the name and moved on “Russia-1”. However, Yuri Loza does not consider it a great loss to competitors. Moreover, it remains a low opinion of the professionalism of the permanent leading program of Timur Kizâkova. Timur Kizyakov revealed the truth about financial crimes

“I was once a member of this program. Yes, it is no different from all the rest! There is nothing to invent is not necessary – just come and ask: “How are you?” This is not a loss for the channel. Any person who is able to make three words into a sentence, may be the same leading”, said Yuri.
Юрий Лоза недоволен профессиональными навыками Тимура Кизякова

He is also unhappy with other programmes in the whole country. He believes that students who play in the WHC, wasting time and sponsorship money. In his view, young people should not be distracted from his studies at the rehearsal of a Comedy show. According to Vine, people should be working exclusively in the specialty.

“And in the WHC what a joke? Of course, on the jury. In our country there is no one hero who did something with their hands. In the same KVN come the guys from road Institute and sing about the fact that the roads in Moscow are bad. And the children themselves instead of having to learn and do these roads, rehearsed the program. They took the money from the Governor. That is the money that was supposed to go to road construction. Then came paid Maslakova, paid for hotels, the costumes, the soundtrack, paid satirists who came up with their jokes. Where is the logic?” – outraged Yuri.

Performer of the legendary hit “the Raft” nostalgic for the Soviet era. They remember the broadcasts of the programs, when Joseph Kobzon songs had addressed the Steelworkers and farmers. A musician dissatisfied with the fact that the heroes of our time are people who often show on TV. Yuri Loza said in an interview with “the Source” you used to be able to become famous just because of noble deeds.