Юрий Грымов перенес «Трех сестер» в XXl век

The Director works over a film adaptation of the play by Anton Chekhov.

The film is set in our days. Keeping Chekhov at 98%, Grymov has changed only the age of the characters in the play. The three sisters in the picture are from 55 to 70 years.

– I have gathered unique artists, ” says the Director. – We wrote the script to certain actors, so samples we had. Maxim Sukhanov and Alexander Baluev from generation of Russian cinema. The rest – the Soviet representatives: Lyudmila Polyakova (Olga), Anna Kamenkova (Masha), Irina Mazurkevich (Irina). By the way, Kamenkova played in the legendary play “Three sisters” in Anatoly Efros’s younger sister, but wanted to play the role of Olga, and even then had a row with the Director. So when I called her and offered to play this role, she began to cry. She’s well over 60, and she already thought that a long-standing dream can come true.

The action takes place in a provincial town. It is interesting that the heroes of the film adaptation of Chekhov fans of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, so the music in the film will be on the subject of these popular groups. The film-makers wanted to work in the town, but local authorities refused to confirm the shooting. Long searched for the cottage, which is almost the entire plot of the plays of Chekhov. Grymov even went to Facebook asking for help with the location. And helped him. Filming will take place in Moscow on the territory of the former summer house of academician Trofim Lysenko.

Working on feature film, “the Three sisters. 120 years later,” Yuri Grymov plans to complete before the end of June.

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