Gai Germanika appeared for the first time after giving birth

Гай Германика впервые вышла в свет после родов

The Director appeared at the exhibition of the artist Alla Reshetnikova from the Russian Academy of arts.

Most recently, on April 22, Valeriya Gai Germanika gave birth to a second daughter, Severin. And now, after a few months the young mother for the first time appeared in public. The Director looked a little tired but happy. It was a shift dress that hides the unconscious form of the figure, and sneakers. Image complements of red lipstick.

For the first time to be away from baby Valeria Gai Germanicus decided for the sake of the exhibition of the artist Alla Reshetnikova, which not long ago was made by the curator of the exhibition of Diana’s, about a year ago, under her leadership, tried his hand in fine art Christina Aguilera. Perhaps Gaius Germanicus came not only for the sake of, in order to see the pictures Reshetnikova, but to agree with Alla about the future joint exhibition, because we all know that Valeria loves to draw and has been doing it.

Also at the exhibition “private Museum” in the Russian Academy of arts were seen Christina Aguilera, Tatiana Vedeneeva and other stars.

By the way, Alla Reshetnikova – the only Russian artist of abstract painting.

“Painting, and color in particular is my religion, mysticism, freedom. The color and magic color pictorial fields – my main character – recognized artist. – This exhibition is an honour for me and a challenge at the same time, the great Impressionists left me with the feeling of an open world and the absolute color of happiness.”

Next year she planned an exhibition in London and in new York.

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