Юрий Грымов состарил «Трех сестер» The Director has launched the film adaptation of the play by Anton Chekhov. Yuri Grymov gave the painting the name “the Three sisters. 120 years later”. Young heroines of imperishable works will replace the ladies at the age of.

      Юрий Грымов состарил «Трех сестер»

      Working on a painting called “the Three sisters. 120 years later” is now at the Gorky film Studio.

      – Several years ago I coined the project “Modern classics” and in early autumn I have already released the first film “the Intimate diary of Anna Karenina”, – says Yuri Grymov. – So the idea of the film adaptation of Chekhov came to me not by accident. Show the characters of the play by Anton Chekhov in our days, just disguised characters in today’s clothes, to make their words and change something- the easiest way. Difficult to find in Chekhov pain during intelligent people who think more about themselves and about others, a world without greed and money are not ends in themselves. When I read “Three sisters” and watched the production at the theatre, I was troubled young heroine of the play. It seems to me that today is not lifting the material for the 25-year-old girls playing in “Three sisters”. So I, keeping Chekhov at 98%, only changed the age of the characters in the play. Our heroines-sisters from 55 to 70 years and men from 55 to 60, and the doctor Chebutykin, played by Igor Yasulovich, 80.

      Three sisters in the movie are amazing Actresses: Lyudmila Polyakova (Olga), Anna Kamenkova (Masha), Irina Mazurkevich (Irina).

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