Корнелия Манго попрощалась с холостой жизнью

The singer will marry immediately after his girlfriend Nelly Ermolaeva.

With the advent of warmth and sun in Moscow began sudebny boom. To tie the knot and decided a star. This week’s girlfriend is already married leading RU.TV Nelly Yermolaev. But next, it seems, will go to the altar of the ex-participant of “star Factory” Cornelia Mango. The gorgeous singer has already collected the closest to the bachelorette party.

“The bachelorette party is in full swing! Away we go”, the singer wrote and shared with fans a bright image, which she in a veil and skirt bundle fun in nature.

So the wedding will probably have to wait a little longer!

Recall, Cornelia Mango goes to brides for more than a year. With her lover, beatboxer Bogdan Durden, she met on the project “I can” two years ago, and since then, the lovers are inseparable, even go on tour together.

It is known that the mother of Cornelia, as, indeed, relatives of the young man, were against this relationship. After all, the singer is older than the chosen one for 8 years. But the future spouses were able to convince parents that their feelings are real.

Then on the ring finger of the singer appeared ring.

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