Юрий и Инна Жирковы отметили оловянную свадьбу
In the family of the football player and designer — a big feast!

Photo: Alexsey Meshkov

last weekend the owner of Atelier — brand MiloMilo by Inna Zhirkova,
mother of three children and her husband — football player Yuri Zhirkov noted ten years
married life by arranging a party for friends. The celebration of the anniversary
the wedding, according to ina, turned out spontaneous, but very fun. Among
guests were those who ten years ago were present at the wedding
Jerkovich in Moscow.

“In fact, everything is very symbolic, — Inna told. — First
for ten years, on the anniversary of our wedding, we Yura together,
usually he was at the training camp. But this year everything turned out well and the husband
got to spend this momentous day together. Having a party
just a couple of hours, phoned our closest friends and putting them in
restaurant. Most of the evening remembering how I said Jure “Yes” and as we
famously walked on our celebration.”

On the anniversary of the wedding, Inna
gave my husband a personalized jacket from her brand stitched into
single copy. Yuri also did not stay aside and gave his wife and
her mother’s weekly trip to the best health clinic in Thailand.