Юлия Топольницкая зажгла на девичнике в Греции The actress went in the company of friends to have fun in Crete. Arriving on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, the girls wore the same bright caps with inscriptions, and went to clubs. Friends wondering which of the girls is getting married.

      Юлия Топольницкая зажгла на девичнике в Греции

      The star of the video of the band “Leningrad”, “Exhibit” Julius Topol’nitskiy together with friends, went to the island of Crete. Girls chose the hotel in the town of Hersonissos, wore funny caps with colored visors and original inscriptions “Oh, everything”, “I’m not like that”, “some more wine, and then went to explore the local attractions. The familiar female company surprised the hashtag #bachelorette party that marks all the photos of tourists. However, none of the participants of the trip did not confess, for what reason they all came together and whether there is among them a bride.

      Social media users speculated that Julia is going to marry his choice, the participant “Comedy club” Igor Chekhov. “StarHit” first found out about the affair the comedian and actress from their mutual friend. Girl “louboutins” from a clip of the group “Leningrad” hides an affair with the resident of “Comedy club”

      “Julia is already introduced to Igor with his mother Hope, and he with her – with her. Perfect for each other – both are catchy, with a great sense of humor. I love hanging out, going to bars, walking the city at night. Igor often brings Julia flowers – her favorite pink peonies. To change the status of young people do not hurry, both do career. Although recently at the wedding of a friend Topol’nitskiy caught the bride’s bouquet,” said Vadim Ryabov.
      Юлия Топольницкая зажгла на девичнике в Греции

      24-year-old actress jokes on friends, laying out the frames on which the girls grimace, laugh or eat. Julia with humor about his figure, so some of the photos marked with the hashtags #gynaecology and #простоянеотказываюсебеведе25лет.

      By the way, the girl looks quite slim, but for shooting in sensational clip she had to gain weight. “For the role had to recover a few pounds, but that was easy, I love to eat. Now trying to throw them – go to the gym, to any beauty tricks to lose weight, especially not running,” said Topol’nitskiy “StarHit”.

      In turn, the beloved actress Igor recently vacationed with friends in Israel. Many Internet users have suggested that it is on the shore of the Dead sea, the comedian staged a bachelor party. “Wonderful trip! Israel pleased us enormously, and the food there is very even,” wrote Chekhov under the video filmed by the most vivid excerpts from the journey.

      Video posted by Igor Chekhov (@igorchehov) Jun 21 2016 12:14 PDT

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