Юлия Снигирь призналась, что нуждается в лечении
Actress said, what problems are faced after the birth of a child.

Yuliya Snigir

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Pregnancy and child birth brings not only great happiness
and the joy of motherhood, but also some health problems. So, Yuliya Snigir openly shared with fans: “In between filming ran to the clinic to restore the hair
turned into a sponge”. Medical center
the actress made a number of procedures based on the opening of the energy code hair, and he
each your.

We will remind that the son of Julia and Eugene Tsyganov appeared on
the light in one of the capital’s most prestigious clinics. The boy was called
Fedor. Snigir did not stay too long on maternity leave
and three weeks after birth was first published. Son at this time
stayed home with dad, who has huge experience in caring for babies. Have
Tsyganov has seven other children from a previous marriage. Incidentally, despite
being very busy, the actor tries to pay attention to Frank. So, in
last month Eugene went to the shooting in Pskov and for a long time not
to be separated from Julia and the baby, took them with him.