Anastasia Denisova was the victim of a dishonest businessman

Анастасия Денисова стала жертвой нечистоплотного дельца
The actress had to pay him a disservice.

Anastasia Denisova

Anastasia Denisova was the victim of an enterprising businessman earns on the problem of careless motorists.

“In General the day started out good, but Friday is Friday!
— angry actress. — Tow has not been canceled! Alas, we have on the roads happen contrary to
each other signs and markings, the application can show that in some places there are
Parking, but in fact it is not there. A special “thank you” I want to say “men”. I think
such people are not, not to men, but just inhumans. They seemed to specifically
were watching in the bushes and hurrying wind ladies like me.

These bad people instead of seeing the mistake of girls humanly
to prevent: “Girl, do not put in the place of the car, then ply tow”,
doing quite another. One came up to me and sympathetically says, “Oh,
girl, was it your car then?” “Yes” — answer. And he: “Girl, you do not worry, took her in tow. But I’m all for 2,500 rubles you
everywhere I’ii tell you everything you need to help you out!” Me so helpless for the second time. Clear
the fact she is guilty, I say nothing. The penalty paid, the car will take. But
why are people cashing in on other people’s troubles? It could just be
to help and warn! If he recognized me when I returned to the place already
evacuated the car — so, watched me and waited for my mistakes! This business

If he had sick children at home, or the trouble which he has so
to make a living, God bless him and his family. But it’s just
this form of arrogance, filth and laziness!”