Юлия Хлынина: «Дело шло к свадьбе, но я влюбилась в другого»
The actress told who broke her marriage.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Star of TV series “urban jungle” and “Mysterious passion” Julia Hlynina admitted that he might have married almost immediately after high school.

“What is a real relationship, I learned another high school in
16 years, — said the actress. I fell in love with a boy a year older. And beautifully looked after. Alex,
received a certificate, enrolled at the Higher school of Economics, but still
met me at school with flowers… we had a lovely novel. And a bit later
Alex survived with me hell my first year, when not sleeping, not eating,
go sick, psycho, sleepy. From the Institute he took me
unconscious, brought cocoa, which he was preparing. I drank
cocoa, after which Alex I was chained belt and woke up already around the house.
It was a wonderful time, although it is probably not very much. After all, I was
in deep relationship with the School-Studio of MKHAT”.

They were already planning their future together, but that all changed in one day.

“It was very serious. The case went to the wedding. But
we broke up because I fell in love with a classmate, recalls Julia. All have through
it’s a pass… And I understand why I love artists. Male-actor knows
how to talk how to charm. I fell horrible, absolutely insane
love. Had to finish a multi-year relationship for something
undefined, new. It was not easy. It was scary, disturbing, and
sad. Thank God we have a good relationship. Alesha ring I
by the way, still… with a classmate And we dated for two years. It ends rather predictably. For some time we worked together in “Satyricon”, played in “Romeo and Juliet”. And then each went his own way. It was then that I got a tattoo: tattooed heart in the name of love — under his own real heart. I thought that was very poetic…”

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