Vitaly Gogunsky will arrange a reality show of his marriage

Виталий Гогунский устроит реалити-шоу из своей женитьбы Star of TV series “Univer” will shortly be sent to the Registrar. Vitaly Gogunsky has decided to show all fans of the preparation for the wedding. The actor intends to capture the event on video and share with followers.

      The actor Vitaly Gogunsky, which became famous for the role; in the TV series “Univer”, will soon go down the aisle with his beloved Irina, Marco. The lovers seem very happy and are excited about the upcoming wedding. That’s why the couple decided to share a pleasant excitement with their fans. Vitaly and Irina are going to take video of all the preparations for the wedding and tell you about the nuances of loyal followers. The bride Vitali Giganskogo tried on a wedding dress

      “Friends! Cape begin a series of videos about preparing for our wedding,” he informed the subscribers of the bride.

      Followers future spouse Vitaly Giganskogo happy to hear this news. They believe that Irina will be able to tell a lot of useful information. Fans argue that these records will assist those who will soon go down the aisle. “Happy are! Ira worthy waited for Vitali!”, “The perfect couple”, “Cool!” – glad members, Marco.

      Vitaly and Irina are reunited at the end of November last year. Star of TV series “Univer” has returned to his former civil wife a half later, after the divorce with his wife Anna. Roman Marko and Giganskogo lasted a few years, however, the artist took the time to call his beloved to marry. In 2010, the couple had a charming daughter Milan. A child could not protect the actor and model from the breakup. However, he admitted “StarHit” that at all times after the breakup he maintained a warm relationship with the mother of his daughter.

      “We really were always together, – said Vitaly “StarHit”. Ira – this is my destiny. And all that was except for experience. Yes, we do live again as a family, you may register the relationship in the future, get married”.

      On the last day of February Gogunsky and Marco went to the registry office and finally chose a wedding date. They hold the opinion that spring is the best time for such holiday. “Feast arrange in Moscow for friends and loved ones. Family happy for us, especially my mother Tatiana. I all the rules proposed,” the actor shared plans about the upcoming marriage.