Юлианна Караулова опровергла слухи о расставании с женихом
Singer showed a rare photo with a loved one.

Photo: Instagram

A proposal of marriage from her beloved Yulianna Karaulova received in December 2016. Producer Andrew Black has invited the singer to the rink and there in front of hundreds of witnesses came down before her on one knee, presented the ring and called married. The star, of course, said Yes. Andrew and Julianna have been together for many years, and the formalization of the relationship for them was nothing more than a reason to make a big and beautiful holiday.

The wedding was set for spring of 2017. But what was the surprise of the fans, that in due time the ceremony did not take place. Julianna stopped talking on this subject, and in a personal blog stopped showing the pictures of Andrew. Questions about the possible separation of the couple, the singer also did not answer.

Only a year later in an exclusive interview to the magazine “Seven days,” Julianna said that the wedding’s really off, but not because of the breakup.

“We were going to sign last spring, was to arrange a Grand celebration in the mountains of Georgia, says Karaulov. Because if we do a wedding, it is good, fabulous. I want to believe that she would be the only life. And here we began to meet with different agencies, to negotiate with the hotels… But the more immersed in all this, the more convinced that organizing a wedding is a huge job. I’m not a man to give all at the mercy of the Agency, I need to control. Us had to come very respected, public people, and we could not strike them in the face. A confidence that all our guests will meet, take you to places that will accommodate and feed you, after all, was not. In General, it became clear that the idea with the mountains of Georgia is a serious hassle. Besides then I just started to work with Yana Rudkovskaya, we had to finish the album, producing music videos and so on. I realized that if start now to deal with the tight organization of our celebration, just fail out of the creative process of their touring schedule. To do both well will not work. In General, the wedding we decided to postpone. When we’re a little looser, we should prepare”.

Despite the explicit story, fans of the stars were still confident Karaulova and Black parted, just don’t want to advertise it. But now they can breathe freely: Julianna finally denied the rumors about the breakup with Black.

Now she is resting in the Maldives. For the past week she publishes incredibly beautiful pictures of the most romantic places in the world. In the end she broke down and posted in a personal blog the with Andrew.

“He rarely appears here. But let it be!” — she signed the photo and put it at the end of the heart. Andrew in the comments put under the post of the heart.

Karaulov in the picture in love staring at a partner, which no doubt remains: the pair is still together. And questions and suggestions about the wedding, Julianna answered fans firmly: “We will understand ourselves. Without prying eyes!”