Yulia Peresild on the novel by Alexei Uchitel, “People meet, people break up!”

Юлия Пересильд о романе с Алексеем Учителем: «Люди встречаются, люди расстаются!»
The actress spoke about the very personal.

Yulia Peresild

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Last autumn was in life Yulia Peresild Alexey Uchitel under the sign of “revelations”. Actress and Director, many years later, confessed his feelings. However, Julia says: it never concealed his affair with a Teacher, just didn’t want to talk about personal things. Now Peresild has changed its attitude to this. Largely on the desire to confirm the relationship with the Director, the artist has pushed the scandal with the picture of “Matilda”. Peresild admitted that she was sorry for Alexis and she wanted to protect it.

“I never in my life did not hide, I just don’t talk about personal life. Natalia sindeyeva asked me about Alex and I replied. In connection with the release of the movie “Matilda”, in connection with this difficult situation I just didn’t want to create another unpleasant for the person the gossip. So much dirt was poured on him unfairly!” said Peresild.

The teacher is the father of two charming daughters Julia. He, according to Peresild, helps her with the education of girls. Julia says that the Teacher is friendly with children. By the way, Julia commented on the great difference in age with father of her daughters. Teacher older Peresild 33-year — actress was only 23 years old when she met 56-year-old Director.

“Yes, actually, nothing matters. Neither age nor profession in a global sense. Matters only a common wave. I am an Orthodox man, but treat this with the Buddhist point of view, you know? People meet, people break up!” — quoted Yulia OK.