Юлия Началова потеряла родного человека The singer was hard going through the loss. Died beloved grandfather to Julia Nachalova, through which she began to sing. Sad news the star shared with followers of his microblog. Vasily Egorovich Nachalova was 87 years old.

      The son of renowned singer Yulia Nachalova the tragedy occurred. Did not own grandfather’s vocalist Vasily Egorovich Nachalova.

      On sad news, apparently, Yulia Nachalova learned in that moment, when he was with friends in one of Moscow restaurants. The star generously shared in the microblog photos, telling you how much fun was this evening. But at one point in the singer’s life, everything changed. The death of a loved one was a real blow for Julia Nachalova. Unbearable pain, the singer shared with fans.

      “Today was not my special and beloved grandfather Vasily Egorovich Nachalova. His love for music has been passed down to us, his descendants. Grandpa in his youth with his own hands made the accordion, and taught himself a master of the instrument. My grandfather has always been and remains for me the example of hard work, dedication and true masculinity. He was a Hero of Labor of the USSR. When I was little, I am in awe at the window in the evening waited for my beloved grandfather would return from work. Always grandpa made for me to play the accordion, and I sang Russian folk songs! Eternal memory… I’m really going to miss you,” wrote Yulia Nachalova in the microblog.

      The grandfather of the singer lived in Voronezh. The famous granddaughter maintained a warm relationship with him. As told in an interview, Yulia Nachalova, her daughter Faith Aldonin loved to visit during the summer holidays of his honored great-grandfather.

      Fans of the singer who learned of a family tragedy, hastened to Express her condolences. “Kingdom of heaven”, “Julia, please accept my most sincere condolences,” “Eternal memory of my grandfather!”, “Tell your daddy Victor Nachalova words of condolence and support!”, “I’m so sorry, Julia, be brave!”, – supported Nachalova its subscribers.

      It is worth Recalling that not so long ago the singer suffered a personal drama, after parting with the civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. For the past five years, many were jealous of their love and strong relationship. However, in October of this year, Julia announced that all was over between them. Yulia Nachalova about breaking up with her husband: “I was hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything”

      The pair lived at a distance from each other. Frolov moved to Nizhny Novgorod, where he plays for the local hockey club. Nachalova remained in Moscow. Gradually the communion of the spouses is gone.