Алексу обвинили в спекуляции и плагиате According to them, the girl poorly versed in their own business. During the live video on the Internet Alex admitted that in this case it helps a young man Arthur. Interested users tried to understand whether the produced rings of a certain size. The designer did not know what to answer.

      Алексу обвинили в спекуляции и плагиате

      A few months ago, singer Alex has said that launching a new business. The girl produces jewelry made of stones, using stalactites, amethysts, agates and other precious stones. The cost of products varies from eight to 30 thousand rubles. The day before during a live video Alex spoke about the upcoming replenishment in the collection. However, to answer all questions from interested Internet users, it failed.

      “Arthur, you know that ask: “Will the size of the rings 15?” But we will figure it out, but among the rings mostly will be a 16.5 – 17. Some will be adjusted according to the size,” replied Alex in a Periscope.

      The former “star factory” participant also admitted that this business of their shared project with her boyfriend, but the design she comes up with herself. Network users her inconsistent statements were excited, and they decided to find out whether or not Alex she creates pendants, earrings and rings. “These things are insanely unique, and it is impossible to repeat,” said the star in one video, dedicated to her jewelry.

      It turned out that Instagram exists shop Brazilian brand that sells products identical to those which Alex makes. The most attentive followers of the designer even found pictures similar to the pictures from the page of foreign online boutique. Fans of the jewelry say that the cost of the pendants from a foreign distributor.

      Unhappy with cheating fans Alex began to write her negative comments, which then disappeared from its pages, but to leave the people in them were blocked. “If I would have bought this item and found out this information, then I personally would be very unpleasant!”, “Thought she was honest”, “that’s chutzpah,” wrote the social network users.

      When Alex started his business, she immediately pleased the fans of this news. The girl admitted to them that I wanted to focus on creating jewelry. “I wanted to find something that would bring great joy and satisfaction. This activity broadens the mind. This beauty that people”, – told ex-the “star factory” participant “StarHit”. Alex: “it’s hard for Me to remember the period of “American idol”