Yulia Menshova was humiliated and asked to leave show “Tonight”

Юлию Меньшову унизили и попросили уйти из шоу «Сегодня вечером»
Star turned to Konstantin Ernst with a request to find a replacement presenter?

Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin

Photo: still from the shooting of the program “Tonight”

In August of this year it became known that the First channel has found a replacement for Andrei Malakhov in the show “Tonight.” Instead, run the program was entrusted to two leading: Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj. One of the main channel of the country was immediately met with audience disapproval.

After the first release of the software with new hosts on the Network was a scandal: the audience totally enjoyed the couple Menshov-Galkin. Julia was justified then, they say, the reason that they are still working things out. However, since then the situation has changed little. Viewers also continue to criticize the work of leading and demand “clean” them of the evening air.

Late last night and spoke Stanislav Sadalsky. He compared Menshova and Galkin with “flaunting before each other monkeys” and asked Konstantin Ernst to choose other leading.

“Saw “Saturday night” on the First. What? A layman talking to a layman. Empty and emptier… Konstantin Lvovich, well, couldn’t see that the two absolute flaunt in front of each other monkeys by definition, can not run the program!” — Sadalsky wrote in his microblog. The actor proposed to the users of the Network themselves to push the real candidates for the post of leading discuss shows.

Interestingly, on the TV channel Russia-1, where did Andrey Malakhov on December 16, kicks off his new show “Hello Andrew!”. This program, the court’s announcement, will be similar to “Tonight.”