Юлия Меньшова ошеломила раритетной фотографией The actress has revised the files. Yulia Menshova remembered his first role, and therefore decided to share a picture that was made about 30 years ago. Fans were surprised that over the years the famous actress and TV presenter has changed so much.

      Actress and TV presenter Julia Menshov decided to plunge into the past. She took the time to review the photo archives. The actress stumbled onto a rare picture and posted it in the microblog. On the frame it is captured during the execution of his first roles. Yulia took a picture while talking on the phone. Menshov did not say how many years ago was this picture.

      “Yesterday was theatre Day. My first role. I wanted to write many years ago, but when I calculated… Figure me so stunned that he decided better not to write” – with humor commented on the photo and Menchov.

      Fans were surprised as it was a celebrity almost thirty years ago. Some even admitted that during this time the actress has changed so much that they are not immediately recognized in the young girl Menshov. “I can’t believe that you young. The photograph of the girl, of course, cute and lovely, but you in adult life is much more beautiful!”, “I think in this photo you look like a young Natalia Seleznev!”, “Julia, you are one of those women who become even younger and more beautiful!” noted followers of a celebrity.

      Yulia Menshova began her career as an actress immediately after the end of the School theatre Studio in 1990. She was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. In the same year, the young artist received his first film role – she appeared on the screen in a musical film “When the saints go marching in”, where she played jazz singer. Since then Menchov shone in various activities. On account of Yulia about 30 films, half of which she got the main role.

      Now fans are happy to follow the work of Julia Menshovoj on television. They admire not only the talent of the artist, but also her impeccable appearance. However, in the microblog actress does not hesitate to exhibit pictures without makeup, though, and realizes that not make the proper impression. However, dedicated fans think that she can afford to show the natural beauty. Julia tries to be as honest with the fans, and therefore was not afraid of condemnation and criticism. Yulia Menshova shamed for photos without makeup