Мария Погребняк спускает баснословные деньги на косметику Fans celebrities consider her an expert in the field of fashion and beauty. Recently, they asked Maria Pogrebnyak to name their favorite brand of perfume. Reply blond diva has discouraged its subscribers.

      Charming wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria fashion icon for his many followers, the number of which reaches half a million people. Fans of the blonde beauty with the figure of top models are regularly asked to share her beauty secrets and style. Recently members of the women asked her what perfume she prefers.

      After some time, Mary gave the answer to this question. She posted a photo of a favorite flavor and accompanied it with a smiley sweetheart. As it turned out, Pogrebnyak like the works of perfumer Roger Dawa, which is considered one of the most respected contemporary experts in his field. He once released a perfume-a gift for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to online stores, the cost of his creations starts from a few tens of thousands of rubles and can reach the mark of 200 thousand rubles.

      Social media users immediately began to discuss the publication of a footballer’s wife. Some of them were shocked by the price favorite perfume Pogrebnyak. “Not with our salaries to buy such flavors”, “Why is it so expensive?”, “I get less than the cost of one bottle of this perfume,” was discussed by the subscribers of the blonde.

      At the same time, other fans Pogrebnyak expressed the opposite point of view. “Ladies, do not disgrace. Have respect for yourself. Look at the comments and think about how many envy”, “that can afford Maria and her husband – this is their achievement,” they wrote.

      By the way, earlier the wife of a famous football player shared a favorite brand of underwear. In recognition of Mary, she prefers a bra from Dita von Teese. “They always have a great fit, linen yet so cunningly fashioned that no push-up Breasts look two sizes larger,” explained the woman.

      In addition, Pogrebnyak revealed to fans their own rules diet and training. It is no secret that many women find the appearance of the blond lady famous football player is perfect. According to Mary, she focused in the gym and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. “Fruit is best eaten in the morning (they have a lot of sugar), porridge on the water, cottage cheese 2%, salads, vegetables, chicken, fish… a Variety of food – the sea. But why are all drawn to the bread, fries, coke, chips?” – asked a celebrity.