Юлия Меньшова затеяла грандиозный ремонт Actress and TV presenter showed first results. Yulia Menshova has decided to transform their homes, but understand that it can take a lot of time and effort. However, the actress is glad of such a pleasant change.

      Popular actress and TV presenter Julia Menshov decided to transform their homes. The first results of repair she shared with her fans. The actress showed off a new window frame and the door, which chose a deep blue color.

      “Write once, full of cases. Selfe the more to lay out is terrible. Look so-so. Because the repair! But something nice looking already planned: this is a blue box, for example! Wow, beauty!” – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

      Fans were happy that Menshov decided to share with them these images. Despite the fact that in the room is not over yet, fans have no doubt that Julia felt like choosing a design for your home. They hope that soon they will see the end result and will be able to assess how transformed the house of a celebrity. In the meantime, the followers of the presenter wished her to gain strength and patience for repair time.

      “I’ve missed you, you been gone a long time. And that window or door? More like an exit to the balcony!”, “Good luck in the repairs to a minimum the physical, financial and emotional losses”, “This is the apartment in Moscow or in the country?” – got tons of questions fans of the presenter.

      Also, fans could not help but recall the role of Julia, which had to play in the film “Between us girls”. There she appeared as head of Department in a construction company. Apparently, Menchov is ready to ensure that the repair will take her a lot of time and effort. Your post in the microblog she was accompanied by the hashtag “repair cannot be finished, it can only be stopped”.

      By the way, now some celebrities are fully engaged in repairs in their homes. Not so long ago the actress Ekaterina Volkova has told fans that started building the family nest. “Repair the worst of the war. It’s about us. To compromise almost impossible. Now I am familiar with concepts such as pontoon, floors, insulation, polyurethane foam. Will try to report from the scene of the construction”, – told the artist. But most of all he was worried about how in such conditions to maintain an excellent relationship with their spouse. And not so long ago the star of “House-2” Irina Agibalova showed the result of the repair in the bathroom. It is long and carefully thought through the design to get exactly what she wanted. In the end, the woman realized all the ideas and was not left disappointed.