Юлию Барановскую в праздники удивил сын
At the premiere of ice show “the Nutcracker” 5-year-old Arseny brought the mother in delight.

Yulia Baranovskaya with children — Jana, Arseny and Artem

Photo: Yury Feklistov

At the premiere of ice show “the Nutcracker” 5-year-old Arseniy surprised mother sitting beside her, suddenly sang the title tune of the show, and without a single false note. “When we lived in London, every year we went to this fabulous performance. All the tunes are familiar. But I have no hearing at all — smiling TV presenter. — Recently participated in the program “guess the melody” and was not able to reproduce any songs aloud, though to himself, I know, and I will sing”.

In a recent interview 7days.ru Julia admitted that after her divorce from Andrey Arshavin began to visit in London are much less likely..

“This year, I even for the first time after a very long break, flew to London, where he so long lived and with which so much is admitted Baranovskaya. — A year and a half I could not bring myself to come back to this town, even the visa application centre in Moscow, the party avoided. But a good friend of mine was celebrating an anniversary — it was impossible to miss. And I specially two days went to a little intelligence to understand, let me go or not. Thought: if be reeling from the memories, it is better not to go to the birthday, not to spoil the mood of the people. But no, everything was fine. And friends there told me: “We’re very proud of. Because there was a time when we thought that you just physically will not.” Do you see where I was as if even the closest people put on me? But all the changes that have occurred to me in recent years was for the better.”