Yulia Baranovskaya danced as he could

Юлия Барановская станцевала, как могла
Mother of three children Julia Baranovskaya decided to prove that there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks.

Юлия Барановская станцевала, как могла

Julia in a short silver dress and black tights with Alexander Vasilyev lit the song Alena’s Apinoj “Xenia”.

“Greetings from the 90s from us with Alexander @alexandre_vassiliev, directly from the set of “Fashion sentence” @modniy.tv Style @suharev_style Dress @vesna_official”.

But with friends, stylists Yuri and Alexei under the track group, the Russian Girl Combination.

“Take two. Only now with a different partner @stolyarovyuriy. And Yes, I really always dance. Sorry, there is no other way, and so you want to dance”

– laughs Baranovskaya.

Who will stop a woman when the soul dances.