Молодой поклонник Татьяны Булановой устроил скандал ее экс-супругу Singer Sasha Popov claims that the divorce had nothing to do with stars. He also has told that is ready on much for the sake of Tatiana. In recognition of the actor, he tried to talk to Radimov on the subject of his relationship with ex-lover, but the conversation ended with the showdown.

      Молодой поклонник Татьяны Булановой устроил скандал ее экс-супругу

      At the beginning of December it became known that the singer Tatyana Bulanova divorced football player Vladislav Radimov after eleven years of marriage. The news about the breakup of the star couple was a real shock for their fans. But after some air time one of the most popular television fitness coach Irina Yakovleva admitted in connection with Radimov. After that, many users of social networks began to accuse Vladislav treason, but the man keeps silent about the situation.

      Mistress ex-wife Tatyana Bulanova told about their relationship

      Recently, the 35-year-old singer Sasha Popov has told to journalists about how there was his conflict with ex-spouse Bulanova. According to colleagues of Tatiana, he tried to call a football player for a serious conversation. It happened after mistress Radimov spoke about the relationship with him. However, the dialogue of men did not end well.

      “When came the first broadcast on the Federal channel with “friend Vlad”, it was not too pleasant conversation on the phone – on the topic of the relationship with Tatiana. It ended up that we sent each other at one famous address. I can hold the position. By the way, whatever this may be, I still think he is a worthy man”, – said Popov.

      As for infidelity Radimov, the artist doesn’t know how everything was actually. In recognition of Popov, he was not interested in the details of his personal life Bulanova. But whatever happens, he is always behind her. He also said that he was ready for friend to many. According to the singer, he is not afraid of difficulties and threats. “If Tatiana need help, I will do everything and even more…” says the performer.

      Recall that Sasha Popov – the former soloist of group “Turbomoda”. In 2014, he recorded a sensational duet with Tatiana Bulanova. Their collaboration song is called “got it into his head.” After the premiere of the song there were rumors about the novel artists.

      In an interview, Popov said that sincerely admires Tatiana and even proposed to her. Then Sasha claimed that he is ready to do anything for her happiness. However, many Internet users found that it was a kind of PR stunt performer. However, when it became known about divorce Bulanova, some thought that involved priests. The man himself from such speculation denies. “I hate that some crazy people blame me in all sins,” – said the artist Sobesednik.ru.