«Тебя в асфальт закатают»: жена олигарха Алена Кравец обратилась в полицию из-за угроз The singer was present at the recording of the talk show, where she was accused by Irene volinets. Alena Kravets was outraged by the insults in his address, and therefore turned to a lawyer for help. Together they wrote a statement to the police.
«Тебя в асфальт закатают»: жена олигарха Алена Кравец обратилась в полицию из-за угроз

Unpleasant incident ended with the shooting of one of the programs in which the singer Alena Kravets attended as an expert. Artist, not just becoming a star of the scandalous chronicle, had a fight with an activist from Kazan Irina Volynets. According to Alena, she is so nervous that she was bleeding from the nose.

“She attacked me with derogatory insults, calling “whore”, “slut”. Irina shouted: “You do roll up the asphalt!” I asked to behave on recording a program intelligently. “No I’m not an intellectual,” she answered me,” recalled Alain.

Kravec admitted that Volynets was in no hurry to ask for her forgiveness. Alena decided that the offender should be punished for their actions, but because together with the lawyer went to the police. They also intend to refer the matter to the court.

“We wrote a statement to the police because of threats against Alena. In the document, we have described everything in detail, now waiting for answer. After that, we intend to file a civil action in court to call Irina to justice for insulting the article on protection of honor and dignity,” – commented on the “StarHit” lawyer David Colamaria.

Alena herself outraged by such a public figure. For Kravets was surprised by this attitude of the mothers towards others, especially on filming the show for the Federal channel. “It’s amazing how people with such “manners” with such long-forgotten slang can head any social organization, even at the County scale!” – exclaims the victim.

Alena Kravets became a frequent guest on various talk shows, although one and a half years ago, people were discussing her difficult life situation. She was told that she was beaten by jealous ex-husband-the oligarch Ruslan. As evidence, the actress showed bruises on the face. Recently, however, the ex-wife managed to forgive each other the wrongs and leave disagreements in the past the businessman failed to win back the heart of the mother of his daughter. And recently she has organized a master class for girls where they shared secrets of seduction men-millionaires based on their own experience. Alena Kravets was married to beat her ex-husband