Евгений Цыганов официально признан отцом ребенка Снигирь The actor became a father for the eighth time. Employees of one of capital registry offices have confirmed that Yulia Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov registered baby.

      Евгений Цыганов официально признан отцом ребенка Снигирь

      On the eve of the Russian media had spread the glad tidings with perinatal front. It became known that on March 9 the star of the series “Catherine” Julia Snigir first became a mother. The actress gave birth to a son in one of the prestigious Metropolitan hospitals.

      The main question that bothered fans of Julia, who is the father of her child. Around this topic there were a lot of rumors. Itself Snigir until the last moment concealed his interesting position and did not give any comments. But her friends and colleagues was much more talkative. They told the press that the actress has already more half a year lives with Yevgeny Tsyganov, who tenderly cares for her. Last summer, the actor suddenly left his wife, who was pregnant with her seventh child. The fact that the infamous actor became a father for the eighth time, still had only indirect evidence.

      Meanwhile, members of one of the Metropolitan registry offices announced information about what a citizen named Julia Snigir really registered baby. In the column “father” says Yevgeny Tsyganov. So now there remains no doubt that dad newborn baby boy is an actor.

      One of her friends actress, who wished to remain anonymous, told journalists that Yulia had a difficult birth. Baby born a little prematurely, weighing about three pounds. From the hospital the mother and child met a happy father Yevgeny Tsyganov.

      “He now lives with Julia, to take care of her, and of the son, who gave his surname. Tsyganov is in love and happy. Julia said that they are good. They live a civil marriage, just don’t advertise because of the difficult situation Tsyganova. From superstitions while Julia did not tell us the name of his son, will tell you after the christening. Chose the name for the Yuletide, old Russian. And while no one shows the child, even grandparents. Mom Tsyganova has not yet seen his grandson. Now Julia refuses proposals of filming, and it is clear: sleepless nights, care – a child is active, restless. With a newborn helps her nanny,” he told a friend Snigir “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. By the way, the grandmother of the actress in conversation with the edition has accepted congratulations on the birth of great-grandson and said to call him Fedor.

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