Поклонники рассмотрели округлившийся живот на новых фото Камерон Диаз

Pregnancy Cameron Diaz haunts her fans. Not so long ago we wrote that the star of the movie “the Mask” is in an interesting position. The reason for such talk among media and fans Cam was an unexpected change of style of her clothes: used to prefer tight clothes, Diaz began increasingly to wear shapeless things or things several sizes larger.

More “pregnant photo” Cameron recently shared to the paparazzi Western.

They got the actress for a stroll through the shops with her husband, Benji Madden. Plump actress again was dressed in baggy clothes, and shirt in the abdominal area actress “suspiciously” stood out.

A little later, the couple was seen leaving the airport in Los Angeles.On that day, Diaz and Madden returned from Dublin. Cam again “hide” behind baggy clothes.

Secular commentators have put forward different theories about the change of clothing style Cam. Someone thinks that it just got better and tries to make their fullness more invisible to others, someone thinks that the actress recovered from hormonal therapy, which it passes to conceive a child with Benji, and the third option is the most optimistic – Diaz already pregnant, just not in a hurry to talk about it. Which option do you prefer?

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