Егор Крид, L'One и Кристина Си проводили дочь олигарха в семейную жизнь After the bachelorette party Elina Bagaeva played a luxurious wedding in Monaco. 22-year-old heiress of billionaire Musa Bagaeva formalized the relationship with the son of the famous Chechen businessman Alikhan Mamakayev.

      In the family of Musa Bagaeva one happy event after another. In April, the billionaire has married a daughter Mariam. The celebration was held in the Metropolitan hall of celebrations Safisa, famous for its luxurious decoration. Then, in spring, on stage for the daughter of the President “Groups the Alliance” and her lover that evening were such Russian stars as Grigory Leps, the group “A’studio” and Sharif Umkhanov.

      No sooner had the family friends to move away from the previous triumph as came the new wedding. This time Musa Bazhayev was given in marriage to the youngest daughter Elina. 22-year-old graduate of the University seems determined to outdo his sister. Before the wedding the girl organized the bachelorette party, which impressed its visitors with its scope. For the bride and her friends performed on the stage idols of youth L One, Yegor kreed and Kristina si. The girls had fun under the broken rhythms rappers and melodic tunes of the musician’s hit “Bride”.

      During a party at the bride’s girlfriends had the opportunity to chat and take pictures with all the performers who performed on stage. The star of the party, of course, was Egor creed. He happily posed with the girls for selfies and radiantly smiled on camera. L One also had the girls great success, but have been somewhat more modest.

      “On 15 September escorted a doll in our family life. God forbid, you will be the happiest, Elina! Thank you, girls, that was fun!” – signed video from the party one of her friends Bagaevoy. “A huge happiness for her… Undoubtedly she was a beautiful bride”, “Chic”, – supported the girl followers.

      Spouse of the daughter of billionaire was Bekhan Mamakayev, the son of the famous Chechen businessman Ali Khan Mamakayev. According to media reports, a wedding and decided to spend not in the cool autumn Moscow, and in Sunny Monaco. The restaurant Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo, opened its doors for the relatives of the newlyweds.

      The bride chose a wedding toilet Zuhair Murad Haute Couture. By the way, in a dress of the same designer a few months ago, married her sister. It is rumored that work on the outfit worth 20 million rubles masters of the fashion house took exactly after passed the previous model for family Bazhayev.