Егор Кончаловский о состоянии сестры Маши: «Отключение «лайф-машины» не рассматривалось» The son of a famous Director explained that the girl is gradually getting better. As noted by Yegor Konchalovsky, in this situation it is very hard had her mother, Julia Vysotskaya. According to the artist, the loved ones endured the tragic events.
Егор Кончаловский о состоянии сестры Маши: «Отключение «лайф-машины» не рассматривалось»

A few years ago in the family of Andrei Konchalovsky’s the tragedy occurred. In the accident, which happened on October 12, 2013, daughter of the famous Director Mary received a serious head injury. The family of the filmmaker rarely speaks about how he feels the girl, but the fans Konchalovsky know that it was not easy to accept the situation.

In the program “Let them talk” discussed the history of Charlie’s one-year-old Garda, who may be disconnected from life support apparatus. The boy from birth, was diagnosed with wasting syndrome mitochondrial DNA. This disease causes brain damage, internal organs and muscles. One of the program involved in the discussion of the situation, became Yegor Konchalovsky, whose half-sister Masha is in a coma for the fourth year. Host of “Let them talk” Andrey Malakhov asked and discussed whether man this topic with my father.

“I don’t know about despair is probably the hardest thing was Julia Vysotskaya, mom, but they in a similar situation, do not give up. Mary is alive and even slowly but goes… not that better, but there is some improvement. That is, under no circumstances will disable the “life machines” were not considered, as far as I know. But I don’t know all the details,” – said Konchalovsky.

The famous Director and his wife Julia Vysotskaya do not talk about the status of heir. Even grandma Masha, Svetlana Vysotskaya, has not commented on any information about the health of granddaughter. The woman merely notes that in a difficult situation, Julia and Andrew support each other. Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

“Over the years that Julia and Andrew S. together, they were happier. And when they’re happy, and I, respectively. Husband of Julia – a real man, honest, kind, smart. A misfortune that happened to their daughter, Masha, only United them. I pray for a daughter, son-in-law, their entire family, and I hate when I hear them address some negative, read the news on the Internet,” said the woman “StarHit”.

Recall that the latest information on the status Masha konchalovskaya appeared in the media in 2016. Julia said that the doctors reported some progress. However, the actress never addresses this topic in more detail. A woman willing to discuss with journalists the recipes, the projects and the restaurant business, but refuses to talk about personal things. Andrey Konchalovsky has told, how survived the tragedy with her daughter Masha