Svetlana Medvedev told about the plans for a wedding anniversary

Светлана Медведева рассказала о планах на годовщину свадьбы The Prime Minister and his wife will celebrate the 25th anniversary of married life. On the eve of the Day of Family, love and fidelity, which is celebrated on 8 June, Svetlana Medvedeva speculate about the values, and also wanted people to treat each other with great warmth and attention.
Светлана Медведева рассказала о планах на годовщину свадьбы

On the eve of the Day of family, love and fidelity, wife of the Prime Minister of Russia Svetlana Medvedev has told about the forthcoming silver wedding, and also noted that he sees a lot of couples who have lived together for 25 years. According to tradition, the triumph celebrated in a big way in Murom, where were the princes Peter and Fevronia. Their love story inspired the wife of a political figure in the creation of the holiday.

According to Medvedeva, very soon, she and her husband will celebrate 25 years of married life. The woman said that never imagined, how will their anniversary.

“You know, when we were very young, at the thought of silver wedding you always imagined a gray-haired elderly. Remember this great old song “the Silver wedding, the unfading fire”… and now for yourself – next year we with Dmitry Medvedev celebrate a silver wedding. I think it’s important and necessary to cherish and appreciate the time that we dedicate to each other”, – Svetlana told reporters.

The woman recalled that in many towns there is a tradition that couples who have been married for 25 years, receive awards “For love and fidelity”. As Medvedev argues, a number of social initiatives aimed at making life of Russian families better. In particular, launched a campaign “give me life”, which aims to draw attention to the value of motherhood. One of the projects of the Foundation dedicated to the fight against cancer in women.

“Within its framework across Russia created a charitable medical diagnostic centers women’s health “White rose”, in which each woman can get a free diagnosis of oncological diseases of reproductive system and mammary glands,” – said the Prime Minister’s wife.

The main place where the festival will be held July 8, will be Moore. Svetlana Medvedev told reporters of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that loves to be in this city.

“Every visit to Murom brings extraordinary satisfaction. Because I see how many people not only Murom, but in the other cities celebrate this holiday. This is special consensus, our extraordinary Russian relationship. It is felt that we are all a big, big family,” said the woman.