Yegor Druzhinin said goodbye to the show “DANCING”

Егор Дружинин попрощался с шоу «ТАНЦЫ» The choreographer left the project before the start of the fourth season. According to representatives of the channel TNT, are currently looking for a new mentor and jury member. As have informed in a press-service, the separation took place peacefully.

      Jury member and choreographer of the show “DANCING” Egor Druzhinin has decided to leave the project before the start of the fourth season of the show. According to the TNT, he warned the leadership about their plans in advance, so the parting was without scandals. Now, however, the transfer team need to find a replacement.

      “Currently, the producers of the show “DANCING” lead the search for a new coach, the challenge is to do it in a short time, as in April the start of the regional castings”, – told the “StarHit” in a press-channel service.

      Egor Druzhinin has not yet commented on this information. In previous seasons he was very upset when some of the guys included in his team, wanted to remove from the show only because of the dancers not the audience vote. According to a member of the jury, such a situation was unfair. Then the producers of transmission took into account his comments.

      According to the choreographer, the original format of the show “Dance” was different from the other programs, as in this project, one team competed with another under the guidance of mentors, and the audience voted for those who will stay and who will leave the project.

      “As practice shows, the audience voting is not objective, and continue in the same spirit so to acquiesce with what is happening and to see how the best from your team leave it,” said Druzhinin about the scandalous situation in the third season.

      By the way, after the final concert of Egor thanked the whole team and hinted that his participation in the project as a mentor comes to an end. “That was the funniest and saddest season. Funny, because it was fun. Sad because sooner or later everything ends. I love their choreographers. They are always ready to lend a shoulder. I value this more than anything else,” said Druzhinin.

      At the moment Egor is working on the musical “Jumeau”. This is a unique 3D production that tells the story of Romeo and Juliet in a new format. In the story, the couple must confront not only their parents, but also fantastic for the modern world.