Yana Yass presented a touching video for the song "Lotus Flowers" The song of Yana Yass called “Lotus Flowers” ​​is a ballad, in the video story of which everyone will find something of their own.

Yana Yass presented a touching video for the song "Lotus Flowers" Someone will think about the value of a relationship with a loved one, someone will think about growing love in solitude.

Thanks to good feelings, the dawn comes, awakening that very immense infinite eternal, blooming like a lotus in our souls and hearts. The video by Yana Yass helps this light of love to break through from the depths of the soul of each of us, like lotus flowers that sprout through the tangled web of fatigue and emptiness.

Yana Yass presented a touching video for the song "Lotus Flowers"

The premiere of the new clip by Yana Yass “Lotus Flowers” ​​took place on June 6 on the RU.TV channel, as well as on the official resources of the singer Yana Yass on vk.com and on the Youtube platform.

Yana Yass presented a touching video for the song "Lotus Flowers"

This is the story of one broken dream, the story of one happy love, the story of one little girl in the neon of a metropolis… The whole clip is dedicated to human life, its transience, opposition to the domination of lies and rumors, the search for true love and yourself in this world.

The polyphony of the instruments and colors of the video work literally materializes before your eyes the image of lotus flowers, which since ancient times have been considered sacred, making their way to freedom through the quagmire, like an eternal radiance of absolute light in the dark.

Yana Yass presented a touching video for the song "Lotus Flowers"

“The plot of the clip is close to every viewer, because in it he can see himself. Each of us gets tired in our life, everyone knows the feelings when there is not enough strength, faith, hope and understanding of what to do next and what choice to make. We must always remember that no matter what choice each of us makes, it is very important to preserve the human essence and understand what is most important for us. For the viewers of the video, I would like to say that they never condemn anyone, because condemnation is a feeling that is far from humanity and it only lulls our hearts. If you want to change the world, start with yourself and surround yourself with those people who are ready to support and be there for you in difficult times. Only then will our society become better,” Yana Jass comments on her work.

“Lotus Flowers” ​​is a trendy work filled with a strong lyrical and visual component. The musical work became a new milestone in the singer's career and helped to start cooperation with the RockFAM label.

The author of the idea of ​​the video picture was David Kerimov, the producer of the production label of the Russian Media Group “RockFAM”:

“Working with Yana was the most comfortable , she quickly grasps and instantly gets used to the role. I wanted to create the most honest, life-like, but at the same time non-trivial story, and I believe that we succeeded.”

Information about the artist:

Yana Igorevna Dzhalyu (Velichko) is a Russian musician, singer, songwriter, writer, philosopher, author of the “Happiness without Effort” method, founder of the Guiding Star Charitable Foundation, bearer of the teachings of the ancient Tibetan philosophy Bon, mentor of conscious happiness and meditation. Also known under the pseudonym Yana Yass.

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