Yana Troyanova about the scandal with Gordon: “Think that with a TV broadcast!”

Яна Троянова о скандале с Гордоном: «Думайте, что с телека вещаете!»
The actress condemned a popular TV presenter.

Яна Троянова о скандале с Гордоном: «Думайте, что с телека вещаете!»

Yana Troyanova

Photo: Instagram.com

Alexander Gordon


Yana Troyanova has commented on the scandal surrounding Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya. Last week in the First channel was shown in the episode “Male/Female”, with the theme of animal cruelty. The basis for the conversation was sensational controversial story about the inhabitants of the suburbs who is trying to protect the children in the yard, allegedly from an aggressive stray dog, according to witnesses, shot her pistol.

Gordon during the recording of the program made a statement that made the animal flinch at the horror: “There was in our Playground, a dog without a muzzle, I’ll shoot to kill!” Yulia Baranovskaya also made a support for the hero program, what provoked the harsh criticism of the Network. Visit the leading social networks began to appear the following comments: “How can you be so cruel to animals? What an example you are the children served?! The cat or dog is a creature who is lower in rank and they can kick and throw,to kill? Shame on you Julia!”, “You are so cruel! I’m disappointed…”

Spoke about the scandal and actress Yana Troyanova, who have recently been awarded the title of “Woman of the year” by GQ magazine. She denounced Gordon for a statement and called on the broadcaster to watch what he says from the TV screen to the whole country. “Gordon’s got guns? Uncle Gordon, the animals must be dealt with and not to kill them! Think that with a TV broadcast!” — wrote in his microblog on Jan. This statement, like the story itself had great resonance in the Network.