Яна Рудковская попала в антивозрастную клинику в Японии
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Photo: Instagram

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko arrived in Tokyo because of the performances of the skater on the scale show his colleagues from Japan Yuzuru Chania. Before the speech, Ian was unable to devote time to their beauty. As it turned out, it was at this time there was one of her friends that works in the field of beauty.

“Japan greeted me incredible cherry blossoms and in between rehearsals I met up with my dear Julia Angel that knows all about the secret of longevity of Japanese people, — said Rudkovskaya. — Gladly visited together the best anti-age clinic, Tokyo, under the guidance of the chief physician, who trusts their health to the Japanese government. I did the Hydrogen treatment, recovered as if it was not a long flight and time difference with Moscow! Company Julia for me, of course, “the conductor,” the most effective beauty techniques for beauty and youth that I use for more than 4 years!”

Rudkovskaya also tried on a kimono. They are here, by the way, contrary to popular belief, do not “hang” on every corner. A good kimono is very expensive and is sold in places for connoisseurs. Star is wearing a traditional geisha outfit specially for the photo shoot. Fans of Yana came to the conclusion that she was very beautiful, though not a typical geisha.